Business Life of Husband and Wife

The Final Foundation Hour - Mindstorming

September 01, 2023 Clint & Robyn Pigeon Season 2 Episode 86
Business Life of Husband and Wife
The Final Foundation Hour - Mindstorming
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Show Notes

Our Final Foundation Hour Episode And Book Release Details!

Throughout our podcast journey, we've shared the highs and lows, the laughter and tears, and the invaluable lessons we've learned as a husband-and-wife team navigating the complex world of entrepreneurship. But for the past several episodes, we've been on a special journey—the Foundation Hour series. This series has been a deep dive into the core principles and strategies that have not only shaped our business but can also help you build a successful venture, whether you're partnered with your spouse or not.

As we wrap up the Foundation Hour series in Episode 86, we invite you to join us in celebrating the journey we've undertaken so far. Stay tuned for more updates on our second book, and remember that we're here to support you on your own entrepreneurial journey, whether you're working with your spouse or forging ahead solo.

Thank you for being a part of "The Business Life of Husband and Wife" podcast. We can't wait to share the wisdom, insights, and stories that await you in our upcoming book. Stay tuned for more exciting episodes, and until next time, keep building that strong foundation for your business and your life.

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