Business Life of Husband and Wife

Bones, Biscuits and Business

July 21, 2023 Clint & Robyn Pigeon Season 2 Episode 81
Business Life of Husband and Wife
Bones, Biscuits and Business
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Show Notes

Welcome to "Bones, Biscuits, and Business," the podcast that explores the world of pet franchises and the entrepreneurs behind them! In our 81st episode, your hosts Clint and Robyn sit down with the dynamic power couple, Fung and Amber Leung, the trailblazing new owners of the beloved Bone and Biscuit franchise in Okotoks.

Join us as we embark on an exciting journey into the thriving world of pet business ownership with Fung and Amber Leung. They share their inspiring story of how they transformed their passion for pets into a successful venture with Bone and Biscuit, a franchise renowned for its premium pet products and personalized services.

In this insightful interview, Clint and Robyn delve deep into the Leungs' background, exploring their early love for animals, what motivated them to pursue entrepreneurship, and how they identified the perfect opportunity with Bone and Biscuit. Listen in as Fung and Amber recount the challenges they faced during the transition of becoming franchise owners and how they enjoy working together as a couple

The episode takes an exciting turn as Fung and Amber reveal their secret sauce for running a pet franchise in a competitive market. They share valuable insights into pet trends, customer-centric strategies, and how they foster a strong bond with their loyal clientele. Whether you're a pet enthusiast or an aspiring business owner, you won't want to miss this treasure trove of wisdom and inspiration.

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